We want to fire up your child's curiosity about God, and use the wonderful imagination the Lord has given our little ones to engage them in God's Word, to engage them in relationship with Jesus and to engage them in worship. We want to help build a close dynamic community with and for your child where they will know they are loved, accepted and belong.  

For our nursery babies and toddlers, this means being loved, cared for and nurtured.  

For our preschoolers, it means again being loved and nurturing. We also begin to introduce them to God's word in specific ways, and how we can be in relationship with him, through song, word and games.  

Our K-4 school children learn about the Lord in small groups with prayer, individual activities and crafts and games, where one-on-one attention can be used and we can engage your kids curiosity an individual learning styles. We also incorporate a large group setting. Here we communicate the main points for the week, such as the scripture story, using drama, multi-media, team games and gentle competition. This age group is split into 2 classes; K- grade 2, and grades 3&4. This works best with the numbers and child dynamics we have at the moment.  

Our grade 5&6 students need something different. We primarily use a small group setting, which enables us to have good conversations either as a group, or one-on-one, to answer some of those big questions our 10 to 12 year olds are asking. Other than this, our content is similar to our K-4 classes.  

We are currently using the 'The Gospel Project' materials from Lifeway. 


Volunteers - There are many ways to get involved in Children's Ministry at BBC.