The Mustard Seed is our primary local mission partner.


Here are ways you can connect!

1. Pray – sign up to join the prayer list at

2. Become a monthly donor – regular monthly donations are what keep the mission

3. Participate in our current Warm Feet for the Street drive by bringing socks, underwear
and toothbrushes to the church.

4. Take a group shift at the sorting centre.

5. Take a group tour of the facilities and programs.

6. Make lunches for the Foothills Shelter. 300-350 are needed every day!

7. Sponsor a teen for Demo Crew in 2019.

8. Volunteer as a Faith Companion.

9. Volunteer to make and serve meals at the shelter.

10. Talk to Derrick or David at the Mustard Seed if there is something your group would
like to do that is not on this list!


Visit "The Mustard Seed" Website.