Room at the Table

Ever noticed how many of Jesus’ meals are in the gospels? Meals feature so prominently in Luke’s account that scholars have commented: ‘Jesus ate his way through the Gospels.’ Herbert Anderson and Edward Foley even claim: ‘… they killed him because of the way he ate; because he ate and drank with sinners.’ Jesus revealed the Kingdom as he shared meals with others. What can we learn from these encounters?


How can hospitality today be a tool for the proclamation of the gospel, especially in a world that seems increasingly hostile to the church? As Chad Ashby, Pastor at College Street Baptist Church, says:


God has a habit of waging war with strange weapons. He fought Egypt with frogs, gnats, and boils. He defeated the Midianite army with Gideon’s clay pots and torches. Strangest of all, he defeated sin and death using a tree. So, it should be no surprise to us that Jesus calls us to take up forks and spoons to fight back Satan and his legions. Brothers and sisters, hospitality is war.