Transforming Generosity

Stewardship is a role, giving is an act, and generosity is an attitude. All are important. But good stewardship and regular giving are fruitless without a generous spirit. The generosity of God in Christ is at the heart of the gospel and it is this attitude that we are meant to imitate if we are to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and experience a life that overflows. 

  1. From Surviving to Thriving - why generosity is essential to the overflowing lifeMatthew 13:18-23 - the sower and the seed

  2. From Bean-counting to Disciple-making - how generosity transforms our whole lifeMark 14:1-11 - the woman with perfume 

  3. From Coins to Seeds - what opportunities do we have to be generous?2 Corinthians 9 - the gift for the saints